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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Having a Kitchen Island

Today, more than ever, we hear a lot of requests to incorporate a kitchen island into our client’s kitchen space. Kitchen islands are growing more and more popular, and we understand why. Islands are a great way to incorporate additional storage, add seating, and also house that wine unit you’ve been wanting. There are a lot of advantages to having a kitchen island, but there are also some disadvantages you may not have thought of. Join us today as we uncover the advantages and disadvantages of having a kitchen island.

Beginning with the advantages:

Extra Amenities

A kitchen island is all about the extras, and we begin with extra amenities. Incorporating an island is a wonderful way to include a beverage unit or even a microwave drawer (as long as there is electrical to the island). You can also incorporate the sink or an additional smaller one (if there is plumbing) or even the cooktop (if there is electrical/gas) which will free up space on the main kitchen areas.

Tip: If you want an island that also has amenities, then your design will require planning and possibly involving a designer (Why, hello there!).

Extra Storage

Whether you include extra amenities or not, extra storage is something clients always want. Islands are a great way to include extra storage for those non-everyday items such as a stand mixer, countertop oven, and so on.

Tip: Here you can get creative with the type of storage you want: think shelving, drawers, roll-outs, or even lifts (for that heavy stand mixer).

Extra Seating

Extra seating brings people into the kitchen (like you really needed another reason to hang out in the kitchen)! All jokes aside, the seating area at the island is a great spot to serve breakfast, have your kids do homework, or even help out the cook.

Tip: To calculate how many seats will fit at your island, take the length and divide it by 24 (each seat requires about 24”).

The possible disadvantages:

Takes up Space

This may seem like an obvious one, but it’s something to think about. Does your kitchen have adequate space for an island? Whether you have a big or small kitchen, an island typically sits in the center which can make the space more cramped and possibly even become a road block.

Tip: Feel like an island will work in your space? A great way to test it out before you commit is to outline its shape with tape on the floor and see how it functions having to walk around it for the next few days.

May Disrupt Work Flow

If the island doesn’t serve a purpose in your kitchen, it will simply disrupt your work flow and stand in your way. With the kitchen possibly getting the most traffic in your home, you will want be sure the flow, design, and all elements of the space work for you.

Tip: Be sure to utilize a kitchen island to its fullest with some of the advantages listed above.

The Wrong Size

An island too large to get around, or too small where it becomes a nuisance is not an island you want. Don’t get me wrong, it is definitely possible to have a large or a small island, as long as it serves a purpose and is designed with functionality and flow. So, what’s the right size island? Well, an island that fits proportionately within the space, and also fits your needs is the right island for you!

Tip: Proper walkways require at least 36”. So, if you are measuring to see how an island would fit, be sure to allow at least that amount surrounding the island.

Lastly, we want you to enjoy some more beautiful islands:

Favorite Kitchen Design Trends 2017

When it comes time for a kitchen or bath remodel, we tend to look around for inspiration, right? Well, where do you look? Most might say they do a google search, create a board on Pinterest, or even check out Houzz. Well lucky us, in our industry we are surrounded by inspiration every day.  With 2017 already in full swing, and with projects underway we’ve taken notice of some of the big trends that are here to stay for 2017. Read more below on our favorite trends this year:

Color in your Cabinetry

Whether you’re into vibrant colors or enjoying mixing it up with muted tones, this is a fun trend to watch out for. Our favorite way to use color is to do tuxedo-style cabinets. This is where the upper cabinets are one finish, and the bottom cabinets are another. This is a neat and easy way to add interest and style. Something we also love: the island in a contrasting finish from the rest of the kitchen.


Accent Color Backsplash

Want to add pizazz to your kitchen space? Well, look no further. Adding a pop of color in your backsplash is a surefire way to give your kitchen character. Look out for reds, greens, and blue-tones this year. Only want a little pop of color? Then add a picture frame over the cooktop for instant interest. You don’t need to add a lot to utilize this trend.


Something awesome and interesting we saw this year at KBIS was the Urban Cultivator. Who’s tried growing herbs in their kitchen and they all end up dying? Well, this cultivator takes care of your herbs and micro greens for you. We love that this brings the green into your home in a wholesome and healthy way. Learn more about the Urban Cultivator here.

Contrasting Hoods

Definitely not a new trend, but we are seeing it more. We love that our client’s want to mix it up by incorporating a different finish to their hoods such as a wood, or contrasting paint color. One of our favorite finishes to add contrast with is metal. A custom metal hood is a great way to have your kitchen stand-out.


Incorporating simple textures to your space adds warmth, interest, and style. Even if you want all your finishes in one color, adding texture adds an interesting element to a monochromatic design. Ways to incorporate texture: adding wood elements, stone (wall, backsplash, etc), tiles with a ripple effect, and the list goes on.


Kitchen Design Concepts Awarded 2017 Best of Houzz Service and Design

We at Kitchen Design Concepts, your Dallas area kitchen and bath designers, are pleased to announce that for the second year in a row we have received the “2017 Best of Houzz Design” award, and for the third year in a row, the “2017 Best of Houzz in Service”.
To be selected for a Houzz award, you are reviewed and voted on by the members of the Houzz community. These awards are based on the popularity of your project photos, your page satisfaction, and 5-star reviews. Speaking of reviews, we are proud to have over 50 five-star reviews from our clients! To learn more, visit our Houzz page


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