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Integrated Appliances 101

Are you in the market to learn more about integrated appliances? Well, today we answer some of your questions on how to make your appliances blend in with your kitchen! Learn more about integrated appliances below:

So what does “integrated” mean?

Simply put, when you see the word “integrated” associated with an appliance, it is meant to match the look of your cabinetry. So, instead of having a fridge that is stainless steel, black, or white, you would have a fridge integrated into your kitchen with a cabinet front matching your kitchen cabinets. Overall, having integrated appliances “hides” your appliances and gives the space a uniform and sleek look.

Why should I do integrated appliances?

Let’s just say, no one has to do integrated appliances. It definitely doesn’t make your kitchen any better or worse. It comes down to a matter of preference and how you want your kitchen to look in the end. So, let’s explore some of the reasons why a client may want an integrated look.


Client “A” has a very small kitchen and wants it to appear larger. So, going with integrated appliances and creating a continuous look may make the kitchen appear larger.

Client “B” desires a sleeker looking kitchen and wants to make their guests guess where the fridge is (who knows!?).

      Then, client “C” just really likes the look it gives.

See, there really is no scientific reason why you should have integrated appliances or not, because like mentioned above, it’s all a matter of preference.

What appliances can be integrated?

The main kitchen appliances we integrate are the fridge, freezer, and dishwasher. There are also appliances such as small beverage units, fridge and freezer drawers, and also integrated washer and dryers. There are also no rules to what you should integrate or not – it all depends on the overall design and end result you are looking for. However, there are some appliances not made to be integrated, such as the cooktop and oven.

What style of kitchen can do integrated appliances?

The fun thing about integrated appliances is that it works with any design style. Whether you have a traditional or an ultra-modern kitchen, these unobtrusive appliances are finding their ways into all kinds of styles.

First Friday Feature: April

If you read our previous blog post, then you got a little sneak peak of today’s First Friday Feature. We discussed taking the designs from paper to reality, and it’s worth a look if you haven’t read it yet (previous blog post HERE)!

Today, we go a little further and explore all of the design details that went into making this kitchen remodel a success. One of the first things we do is a home visit where we measure and discuss with our clients their design goals for the space. At this stage, our clients typically have their set list of wants and needs. In this case, the main kitchen design goals were to establish a classic neutral color palette, incorporate better storage, open up the kitchen more, and lastly, a designated spot for their cookbooks. The design resulted in a beautiful two-tone kitchen complete with both white painted and medium stained cabinets, quartz countertops, a beautiful backsplash, and a cozy home for their cookbooks! Read along with us as we break it down below:       


The kitchen perimeter features WWWoods Shiloh inset cabinetry in maple wood, Aspen door style, and a Polar painted finish. The island is also from WWWoods Shiloh, in an inset Aspen door style, Alder wood, with an Umber stain. Having a two-tone kitchen is a great way to add visual interest to your space!


The countertops are 3cm quartz from Cambria in Ella. This is a beautiful timeless marble-like material that ties the kitchen cabinets together. A bonus? Not only do the countertops have a timeless look, the quality of quartz will also stand the test of time.


The main backsplash is a H-Line 4 x16 ceramic tile in H-Line in Pumice from Arizona Tile installed in a brick-lay. Above the range is a picture frame made of in ¾ x 12 Arizona Tile Calcutta Gold polished dome liner, and inside the frame we have a 2” hex mesh of the same Calcutta Gold material. These are beautiful materials for a balanced look!

Fixtures and Fittings

From Blanco, we have a 30” Ikon apron front single bowl sink in White, and a Grace II faucet with a pull-down spray in Polished Chrome. The cabinet hardware is a 5” Emerald pull, and a 1-1/8 Emerald knob from Top Knobs in Polished Chrome.


This project included a mudroom with inset cabinets from WWWoods, Shiloh cabinetry in maple wood, Aspen door style, and a Polar painted finish to match the kitchen perimeter. The countertops are also Cambria Ella, coordinating with the kitchen. The floor is a diagonal checkerboard pattern tile which consists of Sierra, 50% 1500 Rainier 8×8 and 50% 2011 Black 8×8 ceramic tile from Daltile. Lastly, the fixtures and fittings include a One Medium single bowl sink in a Satin Polish finish from Blanco, and a Hiland Kitchen Faucet with a pull-out spray in Chrome also from Blanco.

Powder Room

 The concluding space of this project includes a chic powder room. The inset cabinets are a WWWoods Shiloh cabinetry in maple wood, Aspen door style with a Dovetail Gray painted finish. The countertops feature a 3cm Cambria quartz in Galloway. Lastly, fixtures and fittings from Kohler, an oval undermount vanity sink in Mirrored French Gold, and the faucet is a Finial Traditional Wall-Mount Bath sink faucet trim with lever handles and 9-3/4” spout in French Gold. The remaining accessories are a matching Kohler French Gold from the Margaux Collection.

We hope you enjoyed this month’s First Friday Feature, and as always, check back in next month!

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From Drawings to Reality

Ever curious what we show our clients and how they see their potential kitchen? Well, the whole process starts with a home meeting, and then proceeds to design meetings where we go through a process of revision, design, and repeat until the space is seamless. So, what exactly do we show our clients? Well, we share floorplans, elevations, perspectives, and sometimes sketches. We try to make our clients feel like they are in the space so they can see what potential there is. Honestly, it’s fun to see their reactions and hear “Wow! I didn’t know that was possible” or “That’s MY kitchen?!” This is especially true when the space comes to life, and it makes our jobs as designers really fun and rewarding. So, let’s go through the process and show you how we take our designs from paper to reality!


A floorplan is a great way to give an overview of the entire space from a 2D bird’s eye view. This gives you the ability to see all of the elements such as walls, measurements, cabinets, appliances, openings, and more. This is the first thing we show our clients as we walk them through the elements. It’s a great place to start and also to have on hand to regroup.


After we cover the floorplan we move onto the elevations. This is a 2D view of each of the walls. So, instead of seeing things from the top as with a floorplan, we are now on ground level looking straight at the walls. Elevations show the same things a floorplan does, but you get to see it in a vertical orientation.




Perspectives are probably the most exciting thing for our clients to see. A perspective is a 3D view of the space that accentuates cabinets, moldings, countertop edges, and gives the whole space a shape. This is the most real-life drawing we can show our client; it really puts them into the space.







If there are any design details that our software cannot create, we grab a pencil and pad of paper (just like the old fashioned way of designing)! With sketches we can do tile details, moulding details, counter details, and more. Sketches essentially give our clients a closer look.



Want to learn more about this kitchen? Check back with us tomorrow in our First Friday Feature- April!