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Updated Galley Kitchen

A galley kitchen can feel small and cramped. This kitchen started out closed off from the rest of the living space and outdated. We overhauled this kitchen to give it a more contemporary look to match the rest of the house and fit the needs of a professional couple with two young children. To give this space an open and airy feel we removed a wall between the kitchen and the den, raised the ceiling, replaced windows and added a new patio door with side lights. The new open space allows enough room to entertain. A bar area was added so the kids could do homework while their parents are in the kitchen.

The gentle contemporary look and warm color palate appealed to the homeowners modern taste without sacrificing a welcoming feel for family and guests. Sating glass and interior cabinet lights add to the open feel while hiding the contents.

A sculpted stainless and glass range hood echoes the contemporary details of the of the lighting fixtures above the bar and breakfast areas. Check out our gallery now for a look at some more modern kitchens.

Kitchen Design 101

Let’s take a look at some of the projects that we have highlighted in the past and discuss some tips and processes to think about when planning your kitchen renovation.

The kitchen is one of the selling points of your home and can reap the biggest rewards of a design update. When considering a total revamp of your space the first step is to relax! We start our design projects with a lifestyle assessment form that helps to put your needs and layout desires into words. By making a list of all of the dinnerware, silverware, countertop appliances, pots, pans, and everything that is used in the kitchen we are able to create storage solutions that will house all of these items.

This kid-friendly kitchen incorporates creative storage areas while achieving a sophisticated look for the grown-ups!

kid friendly

The kitchen was redesigned so that mom could keep an eye on the kids while in the kitchen. This raised dishwasher design is a hit with empty-nesters.


Good design is timeless and this retro kitchen is proof!


You don’t have to have a big kitchen to make it modern. This island has been scaled down to add counter space in the right proportions.


For more tips and insights from the pros check out this article!

A Retro Kitchen

This kitchen started as a small, cramped, and outdated space. Now, it’s a spacious entertainment area with a retro look. A brick wall with a fireplace was removed to open the space between the living area and the kitchen. To give color and luminosity to this unique space we used mosaic tile and a glass countertop to spice up this kitchen. While we used retro pieces like the vintage-styled refrigerator to give the space a mid-century look we also used more modern touches like the stainless steel cabinet details.

Unique touches like the open-hole pulls for the cabinetry really make this kitchen special. The glass used on the countertops seems to glow when the light hits them. The stainless steel shelf under the cabinets displays servingware instead of hiding it.

This kitchen is definitely one-of-a-kind! To get more information on this project and to see the before pictures click here.

A Kitchen For: Small Spaces

The galley kitchen that we started with in this house was dated, out of style, and lacking in functionality. An L-shaped cabinet closed off the space from the rest of the house and contributed to the small, closed off feeling of the kitchen. By removing the imposing cabinets the kitchen area was opened to the breakfast and living areas. Cork flooring was used throughout the living and kitchen area to unite the spaces and create an updated look. A counter-depth refrigerator was used instead of a free standing unit to improve the walkway and sight lines.

Opening up the space is only one of the goals for this space, the other was to update the overall style of the space. That was achieved by using black granite countertops, sleek cabinets, and stainless steel appliances. While the kitchen is fresh and contemporary, the travertine backsplash and cork flooring have an organic feel that softens the room.

This kitchen is no longer a cramped space to just cook a meal or two. It is now a beautiful and inviting space to spend time together! For a deeper look at some tips for your kitchen renovation read our blog in the Snappy Kitchens website.